Friday Quiz! Natural Wonders!

Happy Friday folks! I hope you are all keeping well.

Today’s quiz is all about Natural Wonders of the world! Simply select which you think is the correct answer and just to let you know there’s no time limit so take as long as you need!


Maith thú! No flies on you!

Few tricky ones in there!

#1. Starting off easy...what is the name of this famous landmark?

#2. The Cliffs of Moher are in which county?

#3. What is the name of the famous mountain overlooking Cape Town, South Africa?

#4. The Great Barrier Reef is in which country?

#5. You can float in this famous "sea" inbetween Jordan and Israel? (It's actually a salt lake)

#6. Uluru is located in which country?

#7. Famed for it's wildlife viewings, what's the name of these islands off the coast of Ecuador?

#8. This is Lake Hillier (yes it's actually pink!). Which country is it in?

#9. Angel Falls is in which South American country?

#10. Iguazu Falls borders 3 countries, which of these does it NOT border?

#11. Ha Long Bay is in which country?

#12. Komodo Island is part of which country?


Well, how did you get on? Feel free to share with friends and family or try out some of the other quizzes I’ve put together on the website. In the meantime stay safe!

Much love,


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