Friday Quiz! Famous bridges around the world!

Happy Friday folks! I hope you are all keeping well.

Today’s quiz is about famous landmarks around the world. I’ll show you a photo and you have 4 possible options to guess where that landmark is located. Simply select which you think is the correct answer and just to let you know there’s no time limit so take as long as you need!


No flies on you!
Few tricky ones in there!

#1. Starting off what fair city would you find this bridge?

#2. Across the Atlantic, in what city is this bridge?

#3. Staying in America, in what city would you find this bridge?

#4. What city would you find this bridge?

#5. This famous bridge is in...?

#6. Staying in Italy, which city is this bridge in?

#7. Which European city is this bridge located in?

#8. This is the Chengyang Bridge, which country would you find it?

#9. Back to Europe, where is this famous bridge?

#10. This is the Clifton Suspension Bridge, which city would you find it?

#11. This bridge is in London, but which bridge is it?

#12. Very different from the other bridges, what city is this bridge located in?


Well, how did you get on? Feel free to share with friends and family or try out some of the other quizzes I’ve put together on the website. In the meantime stay safe!

Much love,


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