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General FAQ

Most frequently asked questions is a travel blog that provides links to the best value travel deals from Ireland. I post travel deals daily that save you time scrolling through countless websites and most importantly, money!

No, I simply provide links for people to book their flights and accommodation through reputable websites like Skyscanner or As you are not booking directly with, I highly recommend you research each aspect of the booking before booking it.

Unfortunately, due to time restraints with another full time job, I am not able to provide personal quotes.

There are no fees or commissions and there is no difference in price from booking with Skyscanner or directly. The links that I provide and what you would search for directly on either website are the exact same in terms of price.

Travel deals FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about travel deals

Booking a deal is very simple. Click on a particular post you like, all of the details for the flights and hotel are given in each post. The links are highlighted in green and will bring you to the Skyscanner website for the flights and/or to the website for the accommodation. You can then browse through the flight and hotel options through Skyscanner and respectively.

You can but there may be a price difference. On the Skyscanner website you can easily edit the departure city or dates by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top left hand side.

For changing the dates on accommodation, there are numerous ways to do this on the website and is very similar to that of the above scenario.

With regards to the number of people travelling. I price the vast majority of hotel deals based two people sharing. You can change this on the website.

In some cases, travel deals can last a number of days or in the case of an error fare (where the airline have mistakenly made an error in charging a much cheaper amount) only a few minutes. I do my best to try and find deals that at least last a few days, however it is completely out of my control. If you see a deal that suits book it ASAP to avoid disappointment.