Late 2021! Etihad flights from Dublin to Singapore for €456 return!

Just a note before the deal, booking any flight given the current situation is at your own risk. We don’t know what way the world will be in by the end of the year but with the rollout of vaccines it looks a bit more promising compared to travelling last year. I’m sure most people won’t be booking these deals but its great to be thinking about travel again and get ideas etc. If you were to book a flight I’d recommend reading about the country you plan to fly to current situation and of course Ireland’s (i.e whether you’ll have to quarantine or PCR test), using a credit card as you have greater protection, reading the cancellation conditions and in most cases booking directly with the airline.

Singapore is home to amazing modern architecture, like the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (pictured above). Attractions include Singapore Zoo at night, Botanic Gardens and Little India. Singapore is also very handy to visit other countries like Malaysia and Scoot Airlines offer cheap flights from Singapore to other parts of Asia and Australia for very competitive prices.

This deal is for one-stop Etihad flights in late 2021 from Dublin to Singapore for €456 return!

The flights are one-stop with Etihad via Abu Dhabi. A checked bag of 23 kg is included in the overall cost. There is a list of sample dates below, click on these to be brought to the Skyscanner website.

Dublin – Singapore €456 return sample dates:

4th Nov – 11th Nov

4th Nov – 12th Nov

4th Nov – 13th Nov

4th Nov – 14th Nov

4th Nov – 18th Nov

4th Nov – 19th Nov

4th Nov – 20th Nov

4th Nov – 21st Nov

5th Nov – 12th Nov

5th Nov – 13th Nov

5th Nov – 14th Nov

5th Nov – 18th Nov

5th Nov – 19th Nov

5th Nov – 20th Nov

5th Nov – 21st Nov

11th Nov – 19th Nov

11th Nov – 20th Nov

11th Nov – 21st Nov

11th Nov – 26th Nov

11th Nov – 27th Nov

11th Nov – 28th Nov

12th Nov – 19th Nov

12th Nov – 20th Nov

12th Nov – 21st Nov

12th Nov – 27th Nov

12th Nov – 28th Nov

13th Nov – 20th Nov

13th Nov – 21st Nov

13th Nov – 26th Nov

13th Nov – 27th Nov

13th Nov – 28th Nov

14th Nov – 21st Nov

14th Nov – 28th Nov

19th Nov – 27th Nov

19th Nov – 28th Nov

19th Nov – 3rd Dec

19th Nov – 4th Dec

19th Nov – 5th Dec

20th Nov – 3rd Dec

20th Nov – 4th Dec

20th Nov – 5th Dec

21st Nov – 5th Dec

26th Nov – 10th Dec

26th Nov – 11th Dec

26th Nov – 12th Dec

27th Nov – 10th Dec

27th Nov – 11th Dec

27th Nov – 12th Dec

28th Nov – 12th Dec

3rd Dec – 17th Dec

3rd Dec – 18th Dec

3rd Dec – 19th Dec

4th Dec – 17th Dec

4th Dec – 18th Dec

4th Dec – 19th Dec

5th Dec – 19th Dec

Please note prices are correct at time of publication and are subject to change. The above links are affiliate links meaning I get a small cut of any flights booked. There are no additional fees by using an affiliate link, the cost is the exact same if you searched for it yourself.

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