November 2021! One-stop flights from Dublin to Cancun, Mexico for only €256 return (hand luggage only). €380 return with a checked bag!

Hey folks, here is a great deal for those of you who travel light. One-stop flights from Dublin to Cancun, Mexico in November starting from €256 return! This fare is a hand luggage only fare, however if you do want to bring a checked bag of 23 kg then it will cost €380 return! Still an incredible price.

Just a note, booking any flight given the current situation is at your own risk. We don’t know what way the world will be in by the end of the year but with the rollout of vaccines it looks a bit more promising compared to travelling last year. I’m sure most people won’t be booking these deals but its great to be thinking about travel again and get ideas etc. If you were to book a flight I’d recommend using a credit card as you have greater protection, reading the cancellation conditions and in most cases booking directly with the airline.

Cancun is on the Yucatán Peninsula which borders the Caribbean Sea and is known for its stunning beaches, numerous resorts and nightlife. Cancun is also home to some of the best all-inclusive hotels in the world with loads of choice for restaurants and top shelf alcohol included as part of your package! There are also numerous day trips to historic Mayan sites such as Chichen Itza and Tulum.

The flights are with TAP Air Portugal and are one-stop via Lisbon. For the €256 return fare it is hand luggage only. However if you want checked luggage, once you click one of the sample dates below and select to book the flight with TAP directly, it will give you an option for the basic fare which offers a checked bag of 23 kg.

Dublin – Cancun, Mexico €256 return sample dates:

30th Oct – 11th Nov

30th Oct – 13th Nov

30th Oct – 15th Nov

3rd Nov – 11th Nov

3rd Nov – 13th Nov

3rd Nov – 15th Nov

5th Nov – 13th Nov

5th Nov – 15th Nov

Please note prices are correct at time of publication and are subject to change.

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