Friday Quiz! Flags Part 2!

Hey folks and Happy Friday! I hope you are all keeping well. The Green List will be updated on Monday and all the 4 countries left on it, Cyprus, Latvia, Finland and Liechtenstein, have quarantine restrictions. So no travel deals will be posted in the near future sadly.

I’ve added an Airbnb search box on the side of the page or at the bottom of the page if you are on mobile, along with my usual and Skyscanner search boxes. Should you use these I receive a small fee, which brings no added cost to your booking. Essentially it’s the same price as if you were searching on the Airbnb or website. This income helps me pay for costs such as running and maintaining the cost of the website.

Today’s quiz is all about flags! Simply select which you think is the correct answer and just to let you know there’s no time limit so take as long as you need!


Maith thú! No flies on you!
Better luck next time!

#1. We'll start off easy...which countries flag is this?

#2. Sticking in Europe, what countries flag is this?

#3. Who's flag is this?

#4. Which Caribbean countries flag is this?

#5. Which Central American countries flag is this?

#6. The only countries flag that's non-quadrilateral, but which country does it belong to?

#7. Off to the Middle East, which countries flag is this?

#8. Which African countries flag is this?

#9. Waka Wake eh eh! Which countries flag is this?

#10. Last one and it's in the South Pacific...which countries flag is this?


Well, how did you get on? Feel free to share with friends and family or try out some of the other quizzes I’ve put together on the website. If you want to try the first flags quiz you can try it by clicking here.

In the meantime stay safe!

Much love,


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