Direct flights from Dublin to Toronto from €284 return, Montreal from €323 return and Vancouver from €342 return!

Today’s deal of the day is direct flights from Dublin to Toronto from €284 return! There are also direct options from Dublin to Montreal and Vancouver from €323 and €342 return respectively.

Air Canada are running a promotion for flights from Dublin to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver! The flights are direct with Air Canada, please note these fares are hand luggage only fares and a checked bag will cost extra.

There is a list of sample dates below, click on these links to be brought to the Skyscanner website.

Dublin to Toronto €284 – €293 return sample dates:

23rd Jan – 30th Jan

24th Jan – 29th Jan

25th Jan – 29th Jan

25th Jan – 30th Jan

4th Feb – 12th Feb

17th Feb – 24th Feb

25th Feb – 4th Mar

10th Mar – 19th Mar

16th Mar – 23rd Mar

17th Mar – 23rd Mar

17th Mar – 25th Mar

Dublin to Montreal €323 – €337 return sample dates:

23rd May – 28th May

26th May – 1st Jun

3rd Jun – 11th Jun

5th Jun – 11th Jun

5th Jun – 13th Jun

7th Jun – 13th Jun

17th Jun – 25th Jun

19th Jun – 25th Jun

Dublin to Vancouver €343 – €371 return sample dates:

22nd May – 27th May

22nd May – 29th May

24th May – 31st May

29th May – 3rd Jun

29th May – 7th Jun

31st May – 7th Jun

2nd Jun – 7th Jun

2nd Jun – 10th Jun

4th Jun – 10th Jun

9th Jun – 15th Jun

Please note prices are correct at time of publication and are subject to change.

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