Around the World! Flights from Dublin to Rome, Japan, Hawaii, California and London for €924 return!

Today’s deal of the day is an Around the World trip from Dublin to Rome, Japan, Hawaii, California and London for €924 return including checked bags!

It’s been a while since I have posted an Around the World trip but if you have some holiday leave at the end of January next year then this might be for you! All flights are direct apart from the flight from Rome to Tokyo which is via Moscow with Aeroflot.

Please note other dates for these flights may be available, I have just picked sample dates. Each flight is individually priced so please bare this in mind when you are booking.

Dublin to Rome Ciampino 19th Jan €81.27 Plus Fare

The below flight is the only non direct flight of this trip and the flights are with Aeroflot via Moscow.

Rome Fiumicino to Tokyo Narita via Moscow 22nd Jan €170

The next flight is from Osaka in the south of Japan so you will have to make your own way from Tokyo. Typically, tourists would go from Tokyo to Kyoto, which is considered the cultural capital of traditional Japan. I would recommend taking the train from Tokyo to Kyoto. Please note the total cost of the flight from Osaka to Honolulu, Hawaii is €185.76 including checked baggage, which is not reflected in the screenshot below.

Osaka to Honolulu, Hawaii 31st Jan €185.76

The below screenshot does not include checked baggage as with all domestic American flights you can’t pre purchase luggage and will have to do it at the airport. It tends not to cost more than €25 per flight so I have added that to the overall cost.

Honolulu, Hawaii to Los Angeles 6th Feb €221

The next flight is from San Francisco, so like Japan, you will have to make your own way down the California coast. It is very picturesque and I recommend staying in places like Monterrey and Santa Barbara. There is an option for a cheaper flight with Norwegian, however, when you add a checked bag it is more expensive than the Virgin option, who include checked bags as standard. Virgin Atlantic is much more comfortable to fly with too.

San Francisco to London Heathrow 13th Feb €197

The final flight is from London Gatwick to Dublin, you could pick any London based airport for this but Gatwick was working out quite cheap and is easier to get to than other London Airports. Similar to the flight from Dublin to Rome, I have selected the Plus Fare, which includes a 20kg bag and a seat.

London Gatwick to Dublin 15th Feb €86.77 Plus Fare

Once all flights including checked bags are accounted for, the total cost of the trip is just under €924.

Please note prices are correct at time of publication and are subject to change.

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