Round the World Trip! Prague, Zurich, Maldives, Kuala Lumpur, Japan, Hawaii and LA for 1185EUR!

Another massive Round the World trip without the massive price tag! This trip takes in Prague, Zurich, Maldives, Kuala Lumpur, Osaka, Honolulu, Los Angeles then back to Dublin all for only 1185EUR with checked luggage! The trip kicks off in Prague where you can have a pint for less than a euro, then a stop in Zurich before heading to the Maldives to stay in absolute paradise! After which you will head to South East Asian hub Kuala Lumpur to see modern architecture before heading to Osaka where you can visit, what seems to be everyone’s favourite part of Japan, Kyoto! After experiencing Japan you will head to Hawaii! Then the trip finishes in Los Angeles before heading back to Dublin!

Please note that the costs listed below are different to the screenshots as we have included checked luggage.

Dublin – Prague 9th May 84.52EUR

Prague – Maldives via Zurich (overnight) 11th May 198EUR

Maldives – Kuala Lumpur 17th May 114.68EUR

Kuala Lumpur – Osaka 20th May 131.62EUR

Osaka – Honolulu 28th May 168.20EUR

Honolulu – Los Angeles 1st Jun 175EUR

Los Angeles – Dublin 5th Jun 312.75EUR

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