Open Jaw Japan Flights! Fly into Osaka and out of Tokyo from 457EUR return!

This trip is ideal for anybody looking to tour all of Japan! An open jaw flight is where you fly into one airport and out of another, which not only maximises your time in a country but can save you money as you don’t have to buy an internal flight.

Bullet trains are the main mode of transport around Japan as flying internally is quite expensive. We would recommend to purchase your train tickets. It is actually cheaper to purchase your tickets as a tourist before you get to Japan.

Places of interest in Japan outside of Tokyo and Osaka would be Kyoto, Hiroshima and Mount Fuji but there are many more!

There is only one date available for flying into Osaka and out of Tokyo and vice versa. Below is a screenshot, click on this to book this bargain and kickstart your Japanese adventure!

Dublin – Osaka 7th May // Tokyo – Dublin 20th May

Dublin – Osaka 14th May // Tokyo – Dublin 29th May

Dublin – Tokyo 14th May // Osaka – Dublin 29th May

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