Flights from Dublin to Taipei, Taiwan from 356EUR return!

Even more amazing flight deals from Xiamen Airlines from Dublin and this time it’s to Taipei in Taiwan. Flight deals from Ireland to Taipei are few and far between but this one is absolutely perfect. With the other Xiamen Airlines deals, the stopover in Xiamen was quite long but this is done to perfection with around 3 hours in Xiamen Airport both ways.

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and is a modern metropolis with Japanese colonial lanes, busy shopping streets and contemporary buildings. The skyline is crowned by the 509m-tall, bamboo-shaped Taipei 101 skyscraper, with upscale shops at the base and a rapid elevator to an observatory near the top. Taipei is also known for its lively street-food scene and many night markets, including expansive Shilin market.

There are a number of dates for this travel deal with prices starting from 356EUR. Click on the links below to check other dates and to book this bargain!

23rd Apr – 6th May

23rd Apr – 8th May

7th May – 20th May

12th May – 27th May

14th May – 29th May

19th May – 3rd Jun

26th May – 10th Jun

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