Round the World Flights from Dublin to New York, San Francisco, Bangkok and Singapore for 814EUR return with checked bags!

More Round the World flight deals! If dates suit our Round the World flight deals can be 1/3 the price of a travel agency so it pays to do the hard work and play around with dates. Please note that these are all separate tickets so they will have to be booked individually, a small price to pay for saving a fortune!

The first stop on this tour is New York. The Big Apple is home to a mammoth of sights to see including Times Square, Empire State Building, Central Park and Statue of Liberty etc. The list of things to do in New York is endless! The date for the flight from Dublin to New York via London with British Airways is the 18th April. There are cheaper fares with Norwegian but they do not include checked luggage and fly to Stewart Airport, about 90 mins from Manhattan.

Dublin – New York 224EUR 18th Apr

The next stop is San Francisco! Home to iconic sights such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. There are also places of interest like Napa Valley and Yosemite not too far away either. The date for the JFK – San Fran flight is the 21st April, please note that there is a price difference between the screenshot and the overall price as we have included the extra cost of a checked bag.

New York – San Francisco 21st April 105EUR

After seeing both East and West of America, the metropolis of Bangkok is next! Bangkok is the gateway to much of South East Asia and there are tonnes of places you could travel to after landing there. You will leave San Fran on the 28th of April and land into Bangkok in the early hours of the 30th April.

San Francisco – Bangkok 28th April 210EUR

As there are so many places you can travel to from Bangkok, the flight from there is on the 10th May from Singapore! Singapore is home to amazing modern architecture, like the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and other attractions include Singapore Zoo at night, Botanic gardens and Little India. Please note the cost of the fare from Bangkok to Singapore is 64EUR with checked luggage.

Bangkok – Singapore 10th May 64EUR

After Singapore, it’s the journey home back to Dublin via Gatwick. Please note that the Norwegian and Ryanair flights are separate tickets and you will need to grab your bags and recheck in at Gatwick for the Ryanair flight, hence the long wait and in case the Singapore flight is delayed. Please book the below flight with the GoToGate as they offer the best price once the checked luggage is added.

Singapore – London Gatwick 14th May 164EUR

London Gatwick – Dublin 14th May 47EUR


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