7 Trips in 1! Helsinki, Doha, Windhoek, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Phuket and Singapore for 883EUR return!

This is one unforgettable trip! 7 very different places for a bargain 883EUR with checked luggage! Kicking it off at the home of the sauna Helsinki, Finland! There is plenty to keep to do to keep you going in the Finnish Capital including boat tours and stunning Cathedrals.

From Helsinki you will head to Doha. It is worth checking once booked whether you qualify for a free transit hotel with Qatar Airways, which you can do so HERE. It is under the permitted 24 hours so its worth a try!

From a short stay in Doha, you will head to Windhoek, Namibia. Always in the shadow of the neighbouring South Africa, Namibia is absolutely breathtaking and is very much off the beaten track. People looking for an authentic safari experience and unbelievable scenery should look now further. Places like the capital Windhoek, Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon and Skeleton Coast to name a few places of interest tourists usually hit when spending time there.

After seeing the sights of Windhoek, you will head to the metropolis of Bangkok! Amazing food and nightlife, tonnes of markets and stunning rooftop pools are some of the many reasons tourists flock to the Thai capital.

From Bangkok, you will head to Phuket! You can stay on some of Thailand’s most amazing beaches or head to places like Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi, as seen on the movie The Beach.

After relaxing at the South of Thailand, you will jet off to Singapore. Singapore is home to amazing modern architecture, like the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and other attractions include Singapore Zoo at night, Botanic gardens and Little India.

You will then make the trek home to Dublin via London, which you can extend if you wish!

Please note the following:

Many of these flights will need to be booked separately, so bear in mind that the airlines will not compensate you should you miss a flight due to a delay. Also, there is a difference between the screenshot costs and the overall total as I have included baggage costs.

Dublin – Helsinki 16th Apr 106EUR

Helsinki – Doha 18th Apr Doha – Windhoek 26th Apr Windhoek – Johannesburg 26th Apr Johannesburg – Bangkok 1st May 430EUR

Bangkok – Phuket 4th May 31.50EUR

Phuket – Singapore 10th May 51.09EUR

Singapore – London Gatwick 12th May 217EUR

Please note that the Norwegian and Ryanair flights are separate tickets and you will need to grab your bags and recheck in at Gatwick for the Ryanair flight, hence the long wait and incase the Singapore flight is delayed.

London Gatwick – Dublin 12th May 47EUR

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