Round the World from Dublin for 1087EUR with bags!

Round the World flights hitting Stockholm, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Greece for 1087EUR from Dublin! If you were to do a traditional round the world ticket it would be double this price easily.It also flies into Osaka and out of Tokyo to maximise your time in Japan. You can also extend the dates to fly to more places such as going to Bali in Indonesia from Jakarta or going to San Francisco or San Diego from Los Angeles. The possibilities are endless!

This is achieved by a series of one way tickets with deals with major carriers and some low cost carriers too. The dates below are sample dates so feel free to extend the trip, however the below are for the cheapest possible dates.

Prices quoted may differ from screenshots as I have included checked luggage throughout. Please remember prices are subject to change and are correct as of time of quoting.

Dublin – Stockholm 17th April 61.79EUR

Stockholm – Los Angeles 19th April 199.61EUR

Los Angeles – Honolulu 24th April 161EUR

Honolulu – Osaka 30th April 165.23EUR

Tokyo – Jakarta 12th May 128EUR

Jakarta – Singapore 19th May 47EUR

Singapore – Athens 22nd May 211EUR

Athens – Dublin 25th May 113.28EUR

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