Brussels and Aruba from Dublin for 437EUR Return!

This is an error fare as websites like and gotogate are selling these flights 100EUR (w/ checked luggage) cheaper than TUI. These flights are essentially combining an error fare from Brussels to Aruba return. As this is an error fare there is a slight chance it could be cancelled by the airline. It would be best to wait a few weeks before booking the Dublin to Brussels flights in this case. As the TUI and Ryanair flights are separate tickets we would highly recommend taking a day to take in Brussels as you are not protected in case one flight is delayed and miss the other flight. The Brussels to Aruba are direct on the return but take a touchdown for refuel in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) on the outbound flight.

This trip kicks off with a day in Brussels and checking out the gothic architecture of the Belgian capital. You could also extend the trip and head to Bruges, which to borrow words from the famous Irish film In Bruges, truly “is a like a fairytale”.

Aruba is a Caribbean white sandy beach paradise! Why not go check out Flamingo Beach in Aruba which is a complete sight to see or go snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

Below is the link for the website or just click the screenshot.

Brussels – Aruba 28th Sep – 5th Oct 304EUR Return

Other available dates for the Brussels to Aruba flights are as follows:

Brussels – Aruba 31st Aug – 21st Sep

Brussels – Aruba 7th Sep – 21st Sep

Brussels – Aruba 7th Sep – 28th Sep

Brussels – Aruba 14th Sep – 28th Sep

Brussels – Aruba 28th Sep – 5th Oct

Brussels – Aruba 5th Oct – 12th Oct

Brussels – Aruba 5th Oct – 19th Oct

Finishing a trip with a quick night in Brussels due to separate ticket but is definitely worth the hassle as these prices are over half the cost of a usual trip from Dublin to Aruba.

As this is an error fare it is very important to double check the pricing as they are subject to change.


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