Belfast to Reykjavik 47.50EUR Return (minimum 2 passengers)

Easyjet are offering some fantastic prices to Iceland from Belfast. For this trip in April, it is only 47.50EUR return so long as there are two passengers booked. Flying from Belfast should not be overlooked as Easyjet offer cabin luggage on their base fares unlike Wow Air who fly out of Dublin. Easyjet out of Belfast can be close to 1/4 of the price of Wow Air! For example, Wow Air charge 40EUR for hand luggage roundtrip, whereas Easyjet include it even on their cheapest fares.

Another factor for possibly flying out from Belfast, with Easyjet, would be the timing of the Reykjavik to Dublin flight. The Wow Air Reykjavik to Dublin flight leaves at 06.55 in the morning, which is not ideal! The Easyjet flight in comparison, from Reykjavik to Belfast, leaves at 19.50 which is much better!

The sample fare below is based off leaving Belfast on the 17th April and returning on 21st April.

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